the journey out of unwanted sexual behavior


Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing

For too long, the evangelical community has treated sexual brokenness as something to condemn. Addressing sexual fantasies and sexual struggles through the lens of abhorrent behavior intensifies shame and therefore deepens your involvement in the very behavior you wish to stop.

There is another approach. It begins by listening to your lust. Internet search bars and browser histories expose your sin, but far more, they reveal the unaddressed and therefore unresolved stories of your life. Sexual fantasies are roadmaps. They pinpoint the location of your past harm and highlight the current roadblocks that keep you from freedom. If we pay attention, our sexual brokenness will reveal the way to healing. 

Most approaches to addressing unwanted sexual behavior, be that pornography, an affair, or buying sex are singular and formulaic. We now know enough about spirituality, culture and the neuroscience of trauma, abuse, and addiction to know all of them must be integrated to create lasting freedom from unwanted sexual behavior. Because our approach blends all of them, it works.


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