the journey out of unwanted sexual behavior


“I can’t go on living with myself. I’m ruining everything I care about.”

You are likely here because your sexual behavior has led to a crisis or you’ve had a narrow miss with losing a meaningful relationship, the law, or the health of your body. Unwanted sexual behavior can be incredibly shameful to talk about and leads us to believe our struggle is a permanent problem in our life.

The fact that you are here however, reveals you have not lost hope. Change requires you do two things as you move forward: be completely honest about how difficult your sexual behavior has become and secondly, have confidence that your life will experience healing.

Most approaches to addressing unwanted sexual behavior are singular and formulaic. We now know enough about spirituality, culture and the neuroscience of trauma, abuse, and addiction to know all of them must be integrated to create lasting freedom from unwanted sexual behavior. Because our approach blends all of them, it works.